Production Power Band Saws: C-650M

By DoALL Australia

These saws feature a full 26” (660 mm) cutting capacity and are available in 3 models with manual or automatic numerical control and a stationary or swivel base for production sawing of all materials including structurals and solids. Saw blade is set at 6° cant allowing for more effective cutting on structurals and tubing.

Productivity Package

Max Cutting Capacity
Round 26 in. (670 mm)
Hydraulic System 3 hp (2,2 kw)
Smallest Cutting Diameter
Recommend smallest diameter 1 in. (27 mm)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
15 GAL (56 ltr.)
Band Speed
Band Speed Infinitely Variable 40-360 fpm (12 to 110 m/min)
Coolant Pump
Cutting Fluid Pump 0.33 hp (0,25 kw)
Band Drive
ELECTRIC MOTORS Band Drive 10 hp (7,5 kw)
Coolant Capacity
32 GAL (120 ltr.)
Band Tension
Band Tension, Factory Set .063 Blade 30,000 PSI (2,085 kg/cm2) .050 Blade 37,000PSI (2,570 Kg/cm2)
Pass Line Height
33-1/2 in. (850 mm)
Band Wheels
Band Wheel Diameter 29-1/2 in. (750 mm)
Machine Weight
Approx 10,000 lbs. (4,500 kg)
Band Saw Blade 2 in.x 300 in. (54 x 7,620 mm)
DoALL Blue

Includes The Following Standard Equipment:

- Hydraulic actuated, zero-clearance carbide-faced saw guide inserts
- Cutting fluid system with chip container
- Servo controlled feed pressure
- Manual and semi-automatic cut cycles
- Infinitely variable band speed inverter drive
- Hardened wear plates on vise jaws and beds
- Hydraulically driven band cleaning brush
- Band break switch
- Switchable, digital readout of band speed either FPM or M/M
- Hydraulic band tension
- Rapid saw head approach control
- 6 degrees head cant
- Hydraulic powered LH guide arm
- Hardened, ground and polished hard chromed guide columns
- Flushing hose
- Transmission oil
- Teflon and bronze column bushings
- Instruction and spare parts manual
- One DoALL Bi-Metal band saw blade
- Chip shovel
- Band wheel door interlocks
- Complimentary coolant package
- ATF hydraulic oil for wide range temperature applications