Production Power Band Saws: C-4100NC

By DoALL Australia

These saws provide exceptionally high torque at low speeds for unmatched productivity and operating economy. They use a wider, 1-1/2” (41mm) saw blade that provides both greater beam strength and larger tooth gullet capacity than the 1-1/4” (34mm) blade used on most other saws in this size class.

Productivity Package

Max Cutting Capacity
14 in. high x 16 in.wide (355 x 410 mm) rectangles, 16 in.(410 mm) rounds, 14 in. (355 mm) squares
Band saw blade dimensions 1-1/2 x 186 in. (41 x 4,570 mm)
Band Speed
Infinitely variable band speed drive 40-360 fpm (12-110 m/min)
Motor Capacity
Total motor capacity 12.2-hp (9.1 kw)
Band Drive
Band drive 10-hp (7.5 kw)
Hydraulic system 2-hp (1.5 kw)
Band Wheels
Wheel diameter 21 in. (535 mm)
Coolant Pump
Coolant pump 1/10-hp (.075 kw)
Min Butt End
Min. butt end with automatic feed 3 in. (75 mm)
Pass Line Height
(minimum) 30-1/2 in. (775 mm)
Index Length, Single
Single automatic index length 24 in. (610 mm)
DoALL Blue
Index Length, Min
Min. automatic index length 1/4 in. (6 mm)


Includes The Following Standard Equipment:

- Spring loaded, zero clearance, carbide-faced saw guide with lead-in roller on both guide arms
- Coolant system integral coolant pump, coolant applied through saw guides
- Minimum bar end vise
- Variable vise pressure control, with gages located by operator's control console
- Rapid travel index vise control
- Power driven band clearing brush
- Band speed control and display at operator's control panel
- Saw head-rapid approach control
- Job selector
- Discharge tray with coolant return
- Powered chip conveyor to discharge chips
- Flushing hose
- Worklight mounted on control panel (60Hz machines only)
- Transmission oil
- Programmable cut length with digital readout
- Automatic workheight sensor
- Out of stock sensor
- Instruction and parts manual
- One bi-metal saw band
- Chip shovel
- Band door interlocks
- Idler wheel motion detector stops machine automatically if band stalls in workplace
- Random cut positioning
- Complimentary coolant package
- Blade guard
- Automatic band-kerf compensator
- ATF hydraulic oil for wide-range temperature applications
- 2-year warranty (US & Canadian markets only)