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Wed May 22 2019

General Purpose Band Saws: C-916A (VFD)

By DoALL Australia

C-916 A features automatic indexing, pneumatic head lift and hydraulic feed control. Band tensioning is easily set by handwheel to 30,000 psi for more accurate cutting. Standard infinitely variable band speed adjustment from 105 to 275 fpm (32 to 83 m/min.)

Productivity Package

Max Cutting Capacity
9 in. high x 16 in. wide (230 x 405 mm) rectangles, 10-3/4 in. (275 mm) rounds
Vise manual
Band Length
Band Length, Max 158 in. (4,015 mm)
Index Length, Single
Index Length adjustable workstop to 24 in. (610 mm) repeatable to within +/-1/64 in. (+/-.4 mm)
Band Speed
Band Speed C-916A variable, 105 to 275 fpm (32 m/min. to 84 m/min.)
Index Length, Min
Minimum Index Length 3/16 in. (5 mm)
Band Drive
AC Internal Drive C-916A (VFD-3) variable, 50 to 400 fpm (165 m/min. to 1,315 m/min.)
Table Feed
Material Feed System powered vertical pinch rollers
Band Tension
Band Tension spring loaded by handwheel
Motor Capacity
Feed Control infinitely variable, hydraulic control, spring-balanced head
Band Wheels
Wheels 14-1/2 in. (370 mm) dia. cast iron
Coolant Pump
Coolant System recirculating
Min Butt End
Minimum Butt End 6-1/2 in. (160 mm)
DoALL Blue


Includes the Following Standard Equipment

  • Saw guides, spring-loaded, carbide faced inserts
  • Recirculating coolant system. Submersible 4 gpm (15 liter/min) pump with 110V single phase motor and pressure connecting hose and fittings (60 Hz only) (50 Hz use external mounted coolant pump)
  • Pneumatic system with filtration plant air required- Min. 85 PSI at Min 1 CFM (5.86 bar at .472 Lt. Sec)
  • Leveling screws
  • Mechanical variable vise pressure
  • Replaceable steel wear plates on bed
  • Powered band brush
  • Infeed idler conveyor, 5 ft. (1.5m)
  • Lever operated head position control
  • ½-hp (.375 Kw) triple pinch roll material drive
  • Three roll discharge stand
  • Flushing hose
  • Worklight (60 Hz machines only)
  • Workheight selector
  • Instruction plate with sawing recommendations
  • Instruction and parts manual
  • One bi-metal saw band
  • Shovel rake and chip discharge chute
  • Band door Interlocks
  • Saw blade guard
  • Preset cut counter
  • Complimentary coolant package