Angle Cutting Band Saws: C-650S

By DoALL Australia

DoALL's dual column swivel production cut-off saws offer exceptional capacity and numerous standard features. A powerful 10hp band drive and a 2" wide band saw blade handle workpieces to 26" diameter with an accuracy of +/- .002" per inch.

Productivity Package

Max Cutting Capacity
Round at 0° 26 in. (670 mm)
Band Wheels
Band Wheel Diameter 29-1/2 in. (750 mm)
Max Cutting Capacity-Right
At 45° right 23 in W. x 25 in. H (585 x 635 mm)
Saw Blade 2 in. x 327 in. (54 x 8305 mm)
Max Cutting Capacity-Left
At 45° left 16 in. W x 25 in. H (410 x 635 mm)
Hydraulic System 5 hp (3,6 Kw)
Smallest Cutting Diameter
Recommend smallest diameter 1 in. (27 mm)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
15 GAL (56 ltr.)
Band Speed
Band Speed infinitely variable 40 to 360 fpm (60 Hz) (12 to 110 m/min)
Pass Line Height
33-1/2 in. (850 mm)
Band Drive
Band Drive 10 hp (7,5 Kw)
Machine Weight
Approx 16,500 lbs. (8,010 Kg)
Band Tension
Band Tension, Factory Set .063 Blade 30,000psi (2,085 kg/cm2) .050 Blade 37,000psi (2,570 kg/cm2)

Includes The Following Standard Equipment:

DoALL Blue

- Hydraulic actuated, zero clearance carbide faced saw guide inserts
- Mist blade lubrication system
- Servo controlled feed pressure
- Manual and semi automatic cut cycles
- Infinitely variable band speed inverter drive
- Hydraulically driven band cleaning brush
- Band break switch
- Switchable, digital readout of band speed, either FPM or M/M
- Hydraulic band tension
- Rapid saw head approach (button control)
- Digital angle readout
- Band canted 6 degrees
- Hydraulic powered left hand guide arm
- Hardened, ground and polished hard chromed guide columns
- Powered chip conveyor
- Teflon and bronze column bushings
- Instruction and spare parts manual
- One bi-metal saw band
- Chip shovel
- Bandwheel door interlocks
- Complimentary coolant package
- ATF hydraulic oil for wide range temperature applications