The King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley

By King Group
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The King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley (MPDT) was designed to make the re-location of steel 200 Ltr drums a safer - easier affair. The unique double torsion sprung axle, falls back under the trolley during loading. This prevents the problem other trolleys have - that of having to roll over the drum over the wheel. When the handles are pulled back to meet the second set of wheels, the drum is now resting equally balanced between the two, making moving the drum around easy.
To turn the MPDT into a drum stand, simply push the handles down even further. This moves the front sprung axle past the upright position, enabling the drum to be presented horizontally. Internal wheels allow the drum to be rotated on the stand, so that the drum bung can be correctly oriented, or turned to the top if there is a leak.
A brake on the handle, locks one wheel, and when pushed forward the MPDT will revert to the four wheel angled position. Remove the brake and the MPDT can be stood upright. To remove the drum, simply remove the drum rim clips and push the handle forward. The trolley will pop out.
More experience operators will also be able to load and unload drums from a pallet.
It has been called the Rolls Royce of drum trolleys. With a zinc plated finish, the King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley will last long after other trolleys have rusted away.