High Speed Roll-Up Industrial Doors

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • M2 outside environment – heavy wind – large dimensions
  • Reliably fast – You can trust Dynaco doors to be reliable & fast operating providing excellent productivity
  • Ultra Safe – The flexible curtain contains no rigid elements, which can cause injuries to the user.
  • Self repairing – All Dynaco doors are self-repairing after a collision.

DYNACO doors provide self-repairable, totally sealed, flexible high performance doors for food, pharmaceutical, industrial, freezer, clean room and sector specialized applications.

DYNACO superior quality high-speed roll up doors, if accidentally dislodged from the side frames, will instantly re-insert itself, and be back up and running. No costly downtime, no service calls.

All over the world, thousands and thousands of them are installed and operational in food processing facilities, airports, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical environments and freezer locations.

The doors have two different operating systems:

Push-Pull: Top driven door with no weight or rigid bar at the bottom.

Gravity: Doors have soft weighted ballast edge at the bottom.

DYNACO doors are self-repairing after a collision:

  • The curtain contains no rigid elements (no bottom bars nor stiffeners)
  • With every cycle, the curtain passes through the reintroduction block and reinserts itself

DYNACO doors are ultra safe for their users:

  • The doors come standard with an infrared photo-eye built into the side guides
  • All doors have a wireless bottom detection system
  • The flexible door curtain has a soft bottom edge with no rigid elements that can cause injuries workers or damage to products.

Superior seal:

  • When closed, the flexible door curtain provides an airtight seal on all 4 sides, providing a barrier against dust, dirt and contaminants
  • There is no gap between the side guides and the door curtain
  • The flexible bottom bag moulds, to seal off floor inconsistencies, while a top seal avoids extra energy loss at the top.