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RapidRoll® 300 High Performance Industrial Door

By Albany Door Systems

The model 300 is the second model in our economy range for internal applications. The design enables you to purchase a door at a very economical price. The fast opening and closing speed saves the energy costs. As an option a knock out facility is available.

Advantages of the RapidRoll® 3001:

  • Low investment costs because of modular design
  • Price advantage because of quick and easy installation, pre-assembled electrical and mechanical parts,incl. wind-up curtain.
  • Almost unlimited possibilities of installation because of minimised space required
  • Low costs for service because of maintenance-friendly design

Applications of RapidRoll® 300 High Performance Industrial Door

The High Speed Roll Door Albany Nomafa RapidRoll® 300I is designed to meet the particular hygienic demands especially for the meat processing, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc.

The Albany Nomafa RapidRoll® 300I is especially designed as an inside door up to 3500 x 3500 mm. As a room and climate partition it helps to eliminate draughts and ensures a constant room climate. It can also be used as an outside door in areas with relatively low wind loads.