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Tue Jan 22 2019

Rapid Roll 3000 Door

By Albany Door Systems

Albany Door Systems have released the Rapid Roll 3000 door. A new concept in high speed doors, this door is made of metal.

Albany Door Systems is a leader in the rapid action door market and with the release of this new innovative product that offers High Speed and Security the market will be delighted with this release. This product is set to revolutionise the rapid door market in Australasia.

Built from galvanised steel and aluminium these new doors will withstand the harshest environment. Speeds in excess of 2.5 M/s, smooth operation and a minium of noise enhance this door appearance and performance.

The noise reduction on this door is achieved by a number of innovative ideas. The patented Disc Drive System allows each metal slat to be independent from the next.

No more slat noise, scratches or damage caused by slats resting on each other when the door is rolled up. The slats are attached to a belt that moves them up onto the Disc Drive Systems, where they do not attached to each other. A rubber seal is inserted between each slat and the next making a weather seal for this door.

Because the slats are independent each slat can be changed without moving other slats or taking down the door. This procedure can be done with two screwdrivers and a rubber roller, a big plus for the maintenance of these doors.

Safety features include a travelling photocell and a fixed photocell in the door line. The travelling photocell moves with and in front of the bottom beam this ensures any obstruction to the door blade is seen before it comes into contact with it. The fixed photocell reacts to any object passing through the door opening when the door is coming down and immediately reverses the door blade to the open position.

For more information regarding this product or other doors in the range contact your nearest Albany Door Systems branch or Head office on (02) 4323 2386.