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Sun Jan 20 2019

Actuators - Multibeam Light Barrier

By Albany Door Systems

In comparison to a photoelectric barrier, a multibeam light barrier covers a substantially larger area in front of the door closing level.

The multibeam light barriers consist of two components - a beam transmit­ter and receiver.

If there is an object in the area covered, i.e. if at least one of the beams is dimmed, the output of the receiver interrupts a hazardous movement of the door, and/or prevent door actuation.

There are two multibeam light barriers available:

a) With the modular construction, protection coverage of heigts of 930, 1.890 mm and 2.370 mm can be obtained. The range of the beam is approximately 12 m.

b) Fixed light barriers cover heights of 1820 mm with a range of approximately 5 m.