WP-NC2R-FAID First Aid Rescue Cage

By East West Engineering

The First Aid Rescue Cage has been designed in strict accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.17 for rescue and evacuation on worksites where injured personnel need to be safely evacuated.


  • Suitable for use with a standard rescue stretcher
  • Can transport up to 6 personnel
  • Full height, outward opening gate for easy stretcher access
  • Fully enclosed mesh cage for extra safety and protection in emergency situations
  • Seat fitted to accommodate non-stretcher personnel
  • Fitted with 8 safety harness anchor points and internal hand rails
  • Supplied with rated lifting chains
  • Fork pockets provided for transport purposes only
  • Work performed in this cage shall be limited to special tasks of short duration
  • Load test certificate, risk control measure documents, work cover registration and comprehensive instructions supplied
  • Zinc painted



Max. Capacity

WLL (kg) Dimensions (mm) Unit Weight (kg)
WP-NC2R-FAID 6 people 750 2400x1200x2253 500
WP-FA-QLD 6 people 750 2900x1300x2352 615

NOTE: Type WP-FA-QLD has been designed and registered to comply with the QLD Tower Crane Code of Practice 2017.