Safetech GORBEL Workstation Bridge Cranes

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Safetech GORBEL Workstation Bridge Cranes

Lifting and shifting from above is often the easiest way to solve handling problems.

This range of overhead handling equipment provides the ideal combination of the most ergonomically effective, flexible & efficient workstation crane system.

The ergonomic, enclosed track, light, workstation bridge crane systems provide the handling equipment needed to increase productivity & get the job done.

They have the ability to span up to 10 metres and have lifting capacities from 125 - 2000kg allowing for easy product handling over a large area & creating a safe work cell for users.

Just add one of our Vaculex, vacuum tube lifters, a self-contained vacuum lifting device, an electric or air hoist, a balancer or one of our Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD’S) & the way is open for you to be….. working with ease

Available in: Ceiling Mounted, Incorporating two parallel runways and a bridge suspended from the roof & providing full lifting coverage over a rectangular work area.

Freestanding, is the same as above except that the runways are supported on a freestanding structure.