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Easy Arm Articulated Jib


Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Arm: The Brains of a G-Force™ in the Body of a Jib
Your precision lifting applications just got easier, thanks to Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Arm, the newest addition to Gorbel's family of G-Force™ Intelligent Assist Devices. Gorbel have encorporated their patented G Force™ lifting technology and processor controlled servo-drive system into an ergonomic articulating jib design.
The Smarter Way to Lift
G-Force™ technology gives you the best of both worlds: the responsiveness and the flexibility of a human operator, plus the power of a machine. More precise than hoists, more responsive than air balancers, G-Force™ technology integrated in the Easy Arm™ design improves safety, productivity and quality:

This versatile new design is ideal for lifting applications that involve:

  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions.
  • Rapid changes in direction.
  • Loading/unloading machined parts.
  • Moving products around a work cell.
  • Palletising.

Flexible and Convenient
The G-Force™ gives the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine. It incorporates a range of speeds so it is perfect for quick, repetitive motions and slow, precise placements.

  • No Foundation Required
    Easy Arm™ doesn't require a foundation. Its simple 4-bolt hole pattern means it can be bolted to 150mm reinforced contrecte. You don't need to pour expensive foundations or make costly major modifications to existing plant equipment.
  • Versatile Design
    The Easy Arm™ has adjustable tension of both arms to fine tune its rotation performance. Plus, it pivots in two places on the boom for easier access to hard to reach places.
  • Cost Effective
    Easy Arm™ is more cost effective for moving loads in one work cell than adding a work station bridge crane.
  • Easy to Move
    The Easy Arm™ is a self-contained unit. That means operators don't have the added physical strain of moving a complete bridge and/or trolley.

The actuator is mounted on the pivot, not on the arm, making the arm lightweight and easy to move.


Easy Arm : The Safe Alternative
Operators want to use the Easy Arm because it's easy to learn, easy to use and dramatically reduces the risk of injury.
Enhanced user safety provides substantial reward for both the operator and the employer.
Safety features include:

  • Anti-recoil - Does not move when there is a sudden change of load.
  • Capacity overload protection - warning lights indicate when the load exceeds its rated capacity.
  • Power loss protection - locks into place in the event of a power loss.
  • E-Stop button.
  • Operator Indicator lights. Operator present switch - a safety interlock that prevents movement unless initiated by the operator.
  • Operator present switch - a safety interlock that prevents movement unless initiated by the operator.