Cranes and Hoists - G Force

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Cranes and Hoists - G Force

G-Force™ uses patented technology and an industrial processor controlled drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. Available in models from 75 kg to 600 kg.


  • Rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage
  • Decrease risk of operator injury creating a safer work environment
  • Enhance job performance and morale
  • Cover multiple work cells

Operators can lift and manoeuvre naturally, as if the device were an extension of their own arm. G-Force™ will help improve productivity, reduce product damage, and minimise work-related injuries.

G-Force™ uses exclusive technology and an industrial servo drive system. Its fusion of advanced technology and basic human guidance maximises productivity while minimising the risk of injury to the operator.For high value products that require rapid, repetitive movement the G Force is the safest and most productive lifting device available.

  • Pinpoint precision - speeds from 0.3 mpm up to 60 mpm.
  • Blazing speed - travels up to 4 times faster than traditional high end lifting devices.
  • Infinite speed control - ideal for applications that require high speed at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.
  • No switches, no push buttons, no valves, no throttles.
  • Up to 600 kg

Just Grab and Go!
G-Force™ provides the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine. It incorporates a range of speeds so is perfect for quick, repetitive motions or slow, precise placements.

Instant response to load fluctuations

G-Force™ senses and responds instantly to load changes. Crucial with:

  • Loads that stick together e.g. sheets
  • Gradual load change e.g. pouring and dumping
  • Sudden Load change
  • Load added during assembly operations

Easy Tooling Integration

G-Force™ is easily integrated with end effector

  • Vacuum tooling
  • Fixtured/mechanical tooling
  • Electrical, magnetic or pneumatic tooling

G-Force: the Safe Alternative

Operators want to use the G-Force because it's easy to learn, easy to use and dramatically reduces the risk of injury.

Safety features include

  • Capacity overload protection.
  • Power loss protection
  • E-Stop button.                                                                                         
  • Operator Indicator lights
  • Anti-recoil. (Doesn't move with sudden change of load)