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Concrete Kibbles

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Concrete Kibbles

These are heavy-duty rollover style kibbles for use by overhead crane.

This lightweight, yet heavy-duty kibble can be used for both, bottom discharge, or side discharge by use of the adjustable chute. Lever operated from either side, allowing flexible operation. Fitted with fork pockets.
Code MCK05
0.5 cubic metre x 1500kg capacity
Code MCK10
1.0 cubic metre x 3000kg capacity

These are heavy-duty rollover style lay down kibbles for use by overhead crane. Available in 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 cubic metre capacities, these styles of kibble are suitable for larger applications with up to 7 tonne MRC for the 3.0 cubic metre unit. Bottom discharge with manual push bar release and side discharge with the use of adjustable chute.
The kibble is fitted with a 700 x 400mm clamshell gate that is lever operated. The easily removable lever can be quickly fitted to either side of the kibble allowing flexible operation. The unit is also fitted with forklift pockets for transport purposes.

Options available include:

  • Rack and pinion operated discharge opening.
  • Air operated discharge opening.

Code MCKL15
Capacity: 1.5 cubic metres x 4000kg MRC.
Code MCKL20
Capacity: 2 cubic metres x 5400kg MRC.
Code MCKL30
Capacity: 3 cubic metres x 7000kg MRC.

Grout Kibbles are designed for bottom dumping of granular products, grout or similar materials. Fitted with a 300mm diameter butterfly valve and a "Lay Flat" hose, giving the operator unobstructed view and control of the flow. Fork pockets are fitted for transport. Fork pocket size/centres are
165mm x 65mm/925mm. These Kibbles are finished in enamel paint.
Code MGK05
MRC (minimum rated capacity): 1500kg
Volume: 0.5 cubic metre
Unit Weight: 240kg
Code MGK10
MRC (minimum rated capacity): 3000kg
Volume: 1.0 cubic metre
Unit Weight: 285kg