Bridge Cranes, Jib Cranes and Low Friction Track Systems

By Schmalz Australia

Millsom Materials Handling are proud to offer the following choices for all your factory crane requirements:

Single and Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Our bridge cranes are an indispensable tool in those areas of work which require the movement of heavier materials. We have a varied range of standard bridge cranes, in both single and double girder designs. Lifting Capacities range from 250kg to 10,000kg.

Jib and Slewing Cranes

Jib Cranes are generally the most effective and cost efficient method of satisfying your localised handling needs. Versatility and ease of operation are just two compelling reasons to consider the jib crane as your dedicated workstation materials handling device. Jib Cranes are ideal for supporting air tools, balancers, hoists, or specialised handling equipment. Lifting Capacities range from 35kg to 5000kg.

Light Capacity Track Cranes

Utilising our Track Sections and Accessories, the light capacity track cranes are an ideal method of lifting light to medium loads, without the need to use more expensive powered travel girder cranes.
Lifting Capacities range from 35kg to 1000kg.

Crane Components

We have a wide range of standard procedures giving a range of options. The functional and versatile arrangement of different component parts, and a manufacture guided towards modular construction, allows the easy adaption of our equipment, giving solutions to many varied and diverse applications.

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