High Lift Pallet Trucks and Skid Lifters

By King Group
  • High Lift Pallet Trucks and Skid Lifters

High Lift Pallet Trucks are the easiest way to raise a load, to present it either to a machine at the correct height, or to an operator so that he or she does not have to bend down.
High lift pallet trucks and skid lifters do NOT work with the satandard Australian pallet which has bottom boards. They will work with stillages, Euro pallets, crates, etc as long as they do not have a base board or stay.
Available in both manual lift /lower or battery operated. They have 1000 Kgs of capacity and 800mm of maximum lift height. The latest battery versions also have a manual option in case the battery goes flat.
The difference between the two types is as follows: The highlift pallet truck cannot be moved once the lift height goes beyond 300mm, as the rear stabilizers then sit on the ground - this is classed as a safety reason, however, the skid lifter can be moved around even when the load is at full height.
Available in 540mm wide and 680mm wide x 1100mm long forks, these products find a welcome home in woodworking, printing, metal stamping, indeed any industry where the top of the load is at a very handy height.