By Lapp Australia


A range of specially designed cables for use in crane, drum reeling and conveyor systems.

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ÖLFLEX® CRANE cables are weather-resistant flat connecting-cables for use under extreme environmental conditions. The cable is for use on carrier track systems, hoisting equipments, in crane systems on building sites and shipyards.

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ÖLFLEX® CRANE NSHTÖU cables are special connecting and control cables for use in drum guidance, hoists, transport and conveyor systems for high mechanical load. Furthermore they are for use as hawser, drum-reeling as well as for power chains. Usage under a strain of up to 20 N/mm² is permissible. At room temperature they are widely resistant to acids, chemical resistant and certain oils.

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ÖLFLEX® CRANE PUR is a drum-reeling power and control cable for use in hoists, transport equipment and conveyors. A central support element enables the cable for reeling under tensile stress. It is ideal for use in dry and damp rooms as well as wet industrial conditions. Following the stated temperature range outside use is possible.

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A range of cold flexible PVC lift cables with supporting elements and an additional supporting braid to allow for a maximum suppension length of 150 metres.

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