Mobile Table Lifters

By King Group
  • Mobile Table Lifters

Mobile table lifters have some special qualities. Firstly they have a very low start height - usually around 90mm - ideal for transfering goods from floor level or pallets, or even getting under skid pallets or appliances. Secondly, they have a good lift height range up to 2500mm.
Load capacities can range from 100 kgs through to 400 Kgs.
Manual (hand 'brake' winch or foot hydraulic lift, or electric lift options are all available. In some cases even battery drive can be offered.
Options (when the deck is removed) include attachments ranging from jibs to roll handlers, drum rotators, bag handlers and much more.
Some Table Lifters are light enough to take them with you to your next job, where a single person could handle the air conditioner that has to be bolted to the wall, or you may be delivering a bench mounted machine or a slurpee dispenser. Any job that requires a small load to be lifted, is a job for a Mobile Table Lifter.