Mini Crane Scales - KOCS-XZ Series

By Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Kelba KOCS-XZ series of Crane Scales, offers the user a simple and easy method to weigh goods in a lifting / tension application covering a capacity range from 100kg to 1000kg. Industrial design built for commercial use at a realistic price.

Comes standard with a small hand remote controller for ease of use which operates all the functions of the KOCS-XZ- mini crane scale. 

Standard LCD display with backlighting provides up to minimum of 40 hours of continuous operation. Comes standard inbuilt rechargeable battery and battery charger. 

Ideal for use where a light weight crane scale is required. Australian standard hooks are supplied with each crane scale.

Rated Capacities Available:

100kg x 0.05kg
300kg x 0.1kg
500kg x 0.2kg
1000kg x 0.5kg

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use more than the rated capacity of the crane scale, this will void all warranty claims and can result in injury or death.