Crane Scales From Accuweigh.

By AccuWeigh

CAS crane scales are available from Accuweigh branches in all states.

The quality Korean brand of CAS crane scales are available in a range of capacities from 1,000kg to 60,000kg. The CAS CASTON III series is the latest evolution of crane scales and features a highly visible LED display that makes it is very easy to read the crane scales weight readings when weighing large objects that result in the crane scale being suspended from a great height.

A hand held remote control allows the operator remote access to all required functions of the crane scale and is included as are two rechargeable battery packs to ensure continual usage of the crane scales even if the crane scales internal battery has been allowed to accidentally run down. The Caston III crane scale features fully automatic zero and span adjustments.

The net weight of these crane scales are as follows:

  • 1TDH, 1,000kg capacity crane scales; 26kg net weight
  • 2TDH, 2,000kg capacity crane scales; 28kg net weight
  • 3TDH, 3,000kg capacity crane scales; 28kg net weight
  • 5TDH, 5,000kg capacity crane scales; 31kg net weight
  • 10TDH, 10,000kg capacity crane scales; 44kg net weight
  • 15TDH, 15,000kg capacity crane scales; 53kg net weight
  • 20TDH, 20,000kg capacity crane scales; 76kg net weight
  • 30TDH, 30,000kg capacity crane scales; 220kg net weight
  • 50TDH, 50,000kg capacity crane scales; 390kg net weight

Accuweigh has branches in all mainland states offering full after sales service and support on all CAS crane scales.