Crane Scales - KOCS-XZ-A Series

By Kelba (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Kelba OCS-XZ-A, HEAVY DUTY series of crane scales with it's tough outer cast aluminium casing standard LCD backlight display offers the user a simple and easy method to weigh goods in any lifting application.

Australian standard hooks are supplied with each crane scale.

Rated Capicties Available:

Range of sizes:
1 ton x 0.5 kg
3 ton x 1 kg
5 ton x 2 kg
10 ton x 5 kg
15 ton x 10kg
20 ton x 20kg

  • Other sizes on request.
  • Hand held remote.
  • 4 inch wireless remote LED display an option. Not available in all capicties.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use more than the rated capacity of the crane scale, this will void all warranty claims and can result in injury or death.