Veederline offers AWESOME 1/8 DIN panel meters

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

The new Veeder-Root brand AWESOME 1/8 DIN analog or digital large display panel meters from Veederline have the following applications / functions:

  • The AWESOME 1/8 DIN panel meters feature bigger, brighter, colour-changing displays, keeping track of it is now even easier
  • Digital input models such as rate, meters, indicators, counters, and timers as well as Analog input models for temperatures, flow, pressure, level in voltage or current input are available
  • These units offer multiple control and alarm outputs, as NPN transistors or relays, optional RS-485 serial communication outputs and analog outputs are available as well as specialized functions on analog input units
  • There are 13 models to choose from for the process value required to be displayed.
  • The AWESOME family features an 18mm high LED (27% larger than ordinary 1/8 DIN units) with advanced brilliant red, gallium arsenide technology. Not only is the display large and striking, but it can also change colour
  • The display can be programmed to change colour from red to green or green to red at a preset value 

Differentiate features include:

  • Easy programming makes these units even more desirable
  • All models are programmed via the front panel and are scaleable to display inputs in engineering units
  • In addition to showing parameter values on the primary display, a help function can be utilized to show parameter descriptions
  • A secondary legend also indicates which value is shown on the primary display via a single digit character