Time Indicators & Controllers from Veederline

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.


TIME TOTALIZERS & INDICATORS: - We offer a complete range of electronic Time Indicators with LED or LCD displays, as well as electro-mechanical hour meters. Typical applications for these are display of elapsed process time or tracking running time of factory machinery.

Series A103 Elapsed Time Indicators C342 Time Totalizer Series 7999 MITE Elapsed Time Indicators Series 7990 FLEX™ Series DX100 Time/Count Totalizers Series 7795 Hourmeters Series HK Time Totalizers

ELECTRONIC PRESET TIME CONTROLLERS: - Precise, high resolution control by measuring elapsed time and actuating a control circuit when time reaches a preset value. Single or multiple setpoints are available as well as LCD or LED displays. Series B846 Multi-Function Timers Series B856 Multi-Function Timers Series B506 1/16 DIN LED Timers Series B90D Din Rail Mount Timers Series C628 Awesome Display Timers Series A103 Preset Timers Series SX210 Microprocessor Digital Timers Series SX160 Dual Setpoint Repeat Cycle Timers Series SX110 Three Setpoint Repeat Cycle Timers Series SX410/430 Dual Setpoint Timers with Inhibit Series SX460 Dual Output Interval with Inhibit Series CX200 Microprocessor Timer/Counters Series CX300 Microprocessor Timer/Counters Series CX400 Dual Setpoint Timer/Counters Series CX100 Repeat Cycle Timers Series DG100 MINIFLEX® Solid State Timers Series DG200 MINIFLEX® Digital Set, Reset Timers Series DA100 MINIFLEX® On/Off Repeat Cycle Timers Series DA200 MINIFLEX® Digital Repeat Cycle Timers Series CT53 Programmable Timers Series CD300 Solid State Timers

ELECTRICAL PRESET TIME CONTROLLERS: - Easy to install and use control by measuring elapsed time and actuating a control circuit when time reaches a setpoint value. Available in popular operating sequence modes for versatile control. Electric, Reset Timer Controllers HP5 CYCL-FLEX® Reset Timer BR4 Reset Timers BR1 Reset Timers Model 191 Pushbutton Reset Timers AB4 MANUFLEX® Hand Set Timers TF Hand Set Timers Model 90 Miniature Pneumatic Timers Electric, Repeat Cycle Timer Controllers HG1 FLEXOPULSE® Repeat Cycle Timers HQ9 Percentage Timers HQ4 Series 48 Percentage Timers TM TIME MODULE® Repeat Cycle Timers MP MULTIPULSE® Repeat Cycle Timers Model 76 Repeat Cycle Timer Electric, Sequencers MT Stepswitch