Series 103 - Compact Solutions for a wide variety of Timing, Counting, & Rate Meter Applications

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

Veederline Pty. Ltd. - The A103 series offers ‘Ten” different models of counting, timing, and rate measurement devices. There are seven types of indicators for counting, time, and rate metering, plus three units with an output, including a preset timer and counter. With this wide range of functionality in a uniform package you can completely fill your control panel with a family of devices that look and program alike.

Ease of programming gives added value to the A103 family. Dedicated functionality by model means you only pay for the features that you require, and programming is simplified or eliminated. In addition to a supertwist LCD display with thick 0.47” high digits allowing easy viewing at a glance, all models come standard with backlight capability by connecting an external 1- to 28 VDC supply. Numerous types of inputs can be accepted including magnetic pickups on the tachometer and rate versions, giving you a totally self-contained system not requiring external power.

The units themselves are powered by an internal 3 volt Lithium battery. A unique design allows the battery to be placed in one of two slots; this allows changing the battery with no loss of memory. The value of the A103 Family of products is further enhanced by a series of option modules which can be used to provide a sensor power supply, backlight the unit, and accept high or low voltage AC or DC input signals. For A103 models with an output, a relay option module is available to directly drive a load. All entire Family of A103 models and option modules are stocked here in Australia.