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Presets Counters & Totalizers from Veederline

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

Veederline Pty. Ltd. - Preset counters (or predetermining counters) can control an external circuit when its counted total matches user-entered preset limits. While one or two presets are typical, we offer models with up to fifty presets. Electronic models are the most versatile and offer high performance at a low price. Mechanical and Electrical types offer simplicity of installation and operation.

  • Electronic Predetermining Counters C346: Ultra-Compact V4545: High-Visibility– Advanced Functionality Squire: Compact, Full Featured A103: Ultra-Compact C628: AWESOME Display Preset & Batch Counters C628: AWESOME Display Position Indicators.
  • MAXjr Count 2 & 3: Programmable Counters MAX Count 2: Programmable, Communications Ready MAX Count 6: 16 Preset Counter.
  • MAX Position 1: Position Indicator/Controller Series 7910: Programmable, Communications Ready DZ100: MINIFLEX® Mechanical Predetermining Counters Series 1239: High Speed Series 7283: High Speed Electric Predetermining Counters Series 7441: Electric Preset HZ170