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BEST/FLEX Conveyors

By Optimum Handling Solutions
  • BEST/FLEX Conveyors

BEST Conveyors from Optimum Handling Solutions are portable, expandable & extremely flexible. They are built to give long lasting performance even in the punishing conditions often associated with shipping & receiving areas. Everything from the top of the rollers to the bottom of the castors is built to last.

BEST Conveyors bridge the gap between permanent conveyors & trailers for faster loading & unloading – perfect for fluid loading and cross-docking applications.

• Self tracking – products follow the twists & turns of the conveyor path without engineered curves.
• Adjustable height – adjustable locking bolts enable the telescopic legs to raise & lower the conveyor bed height.
• Structural steel support – Channel steel spans the entire conveyor width for unequalled strength. You can only get this patented design from Best/Flex.
• Castors with brakes – 127mmø x 38mm swivel castors roll easily. Castor brakes lock both wheel & castor simultaneously while the conveyor is in use.
• Powered Options Available – Increase the productivity of your workforce with the new POWER/FLEX Conveyor equipped with the SUPEROPTICS & POWERTRAX options.

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