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Dense Phase Conveyors

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Dense Phase Conveyors

Dense phase pneumatic conveyors are recognized for increasing plant efficiencies, saving companies by providing a cost effective means of conveying material from storage hoppers for processing.

They utilise compressed air to convey free-flowing materials at low velocities over relatively short distances. The air is supplied via an air compressor or from one of our LT series “Roots” type blowers.

Benefits of a dense phase conveying system

  • Lower Running Costs - dense phase systems have few working parts & maintenance costs are usually very low
  • Space Savings - pneumatic piping can be routed along walls and ceilings resulting in more floor space
  • Facilitates Bulk Purchasing - lower costs of raw materials
  • Better Housekeeping - dense phase conveying virtually eliminates all wastage and spillage - it is clean and economical
  • Increased Safety - operators are protected from the hazards of dust and exposed machinery

Suitable products for dense phase conveying include:

  • alumina
  • carbon
  • clay
  • dust
  • dlour
  • fly ash
  • limestone
  • milk
  • paper scraps
  • plaster
  • polyethylene pellets
  • polymer flake
  • powdered coal
  • salt
  • soya beans
  • starch
  • sugar
  • washing powder

These products are examples only and are not by any means exclusive. Basically, dense phase pneumatic conveying can be used with most powder and granular products.