Orion Series - Simple industrial remote control by JAY

By Control Logic

Orion Series

Jay Electronique have updated their industrial series of hand held transmitters in the Orion Series Radio Remote Controls, the old "OREi" series transmitters have been replaced with an improved range of "OREV" units.

The OREV transmitters provide a number of advantages over their previous units such as,
- A greater number of identification codes (4096 codes instead of 256) allowing you an increased number of systems in close proximity.
- The radio range has been very significantly increased,
- 5 configurable radio power levels allow you to adapt your range according to application
- 2 new operating modes have been integrated allowing you to select control of several receivers from a single transmitter
- 5 configurable standby levels : 30s, 4min, 15 min, 60min, and infinite
- Integration of a new two-control bistable relay function using 2 buttons
- All configuration operations are ensured simply by micro switches, or by easy to implement procedures using buttons
- Fully compatible with all the models of the Orion product line.