Panasonic FP7 with more Communication Options by Panasonic

By Control Logic

FP7 Series

The Panasonic FP7 PLC is already a competent contender when it comes to choosing your next PLC project platform, with up to 234k step program capacity and a speed of 11 ns per step, built in Webserver, Email, FTP file transfer and native Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol. So, how do you make it better? You add more communication options.

With the rapid rise of IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) or Industry 4.0, Big Data is the catchcry. To collect all this data, communication is the key, communication between brands of Control Systems, between Control Systems and Remote I/O, or Control Systems and Field Sensors. All of which operate on different media and protocols.

To assist in this task, Panasonic have added Ethernet IP as a native protocol to all FP7 CPU’s with built in Ethernet. They have also added four new Fieldbus Master Unit cards that allow Master Communication to devices with Profinet I/O, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and CANopen.

By covering the three most common Ethernet protocols in use in the Australian market in Modbus TCP/IP, Profinet and Ethernet IP there isn’t too many control systems that the FP7 can’t communicate with. This, along with the main serial protocols of DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Profibus and CANopen make the FP7 a powerful contender for that next project.