By Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation supplies Position controllers that are low cost, and easy to use and install. They are used for axis positioning, speed monitoring and angle adjustment.

The range includes:

Compact Controllers

  • Ideal for applications needing compact designs, low cost and simple connection
  • P30
    • 1 axis simple to use compact position controller with relay outputs
    • Allow positioning with up to 3 speed options
  • P40
    • 1 and 2 axes controllable compact position controller
    • With diverse interfaces
  • P85
    • Simple controller without programmable memory
  • P87
    • Simple controller with programmable memory

Modular controllers

  • Include an integrated and freely programmable controller
  • For more complex machine management systems
  • Can control many axes
  • P50-LCT
    • Low cost, simple to install, robust, compact and multi-faceted
  • P100-IPC
    • Industry standard
    • Optimum price/performance ratio, openness and expandability
  • P100-TPC
    • Industry standard PC with touch screen
    • Optimum price/performance ratio, openness and simple operation
  • P50-CPU
    • Low cost with positioning function
  • P100-CPU
    • High end with positioning function

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