Control Systems & PLCs

Treotham Automation supplies Position controllers that are low cost, and easy to use and install. They are used for axis positioning, speed monitoring and angle adjustment.

The range includes:

Compact Controllers

  • Ideal for applications needing compact designs, low cost and simple connection
  • P30
    • 1 axis simple to use compact position controller with relay outputs
    • Allow positioning with up to 3 speed options
  • P40
    • 1 and 2 axes controllable compact position controller
    • With diverse interfaces
  • P85
    • Simple controller without programmable memory
  • P87
    • Simple controller with programmable memory

Modular controllers

  • Include an integrated and freely programmable controller
  • For more complex machine management systems
  • Can control many axes
  • P50-LCT
    • Low cost, simple to install, robust, compact and multi-faceted
  • P100-IPC
    • Industry standard
    • Optimum price/performance ratio, openness and expandability
  • P100-TPC
    • Industry standard PC with touch screen
    • Optimum price/performance ratio, openness and simple operation
  • P50-CPU
    • Low cost with positioning function
  • P100-CPU
    • High end with positioning function

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