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Siemens Total Integration Automation – HMI, I/O’s

By CNC Design Pty Ltd
  • Siemens Total Integration Automation – HMI, I/O’s

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is the foundation for automation -

We provide a comprehensive range of products and systems for efficient automation of the entire production workflow.

Due to its unique level of integration, TIA ensures the perfect interplay of all components. This is of benefit to machine builder, system integrators and end customers in equal measure: optimized processes help to lower the Total Cost of Ownership, reduce the time-to-market and improve quality.

 To meet the demands of tougher competition, it is now more important than ever to make maximum use of all potential for optimization – over the entire life cycle of a machine or plant, starting with its planning and engineering, through its operation and maintenance, to its subsequent expansion and modernization.

CNC Design offers the perfect basis for this for every application in every sector with the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) open system architecture.

 By choosing Totally Integrated Automation, you are opting for an integrated engineering environment.

Efficient software provides full support through the entire life cycle of your machines or plant – from planning and design, through configuration and programming to commissioning, operation and modernization.

With TIA you can create the conditions for unlimited integration in communication – and thus for maximum transparency across all levels, from the field and control level, by way of the plant management level to the enterprise management level.

TIA is based on international, multi-vendor standards with flexible options for combination: PROFIBUS, the world’s leading fieldbus, PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet Standard, AS-Interface etc. This simplifies commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance enormously – even wirelessly or via the Internet.

CNC Design offers the complete product range of Siemens TIA to you. So you can relay on the proven products as:

SIMATIC Operator panels

With IP65/NEMA 4 degree of protection on the front side, high EMC and extreme vibration resistance, the SIMATIC Operator Panels are ideally suited for use at the machine level in rough industrial environments. Approvals for many different sectors/ applications are the proof.

SIMATIC Panels are available as Key or Touch panels. Some even offer both at the same time. All SIMATIC Operator Panels have large, bright and high-contrast displays for optimal operator control and monitoring.

Whether text-based or pixel-graphics, colour or monochrome, with display sizes of 3 to 19" – now also in 4" widescreen format – the long service life of the backlighting convinces in every case.

Most SIMATIC Panels are already prepared for PROFINET/Ethernet as well. Other devices such as printers can be connected through additional interfaces such as USB.

SIMATIC Panels are configured with an integrated software tool: SIMATIC WinCC flexible. WinCC flexible is scalable to match the different performance levels of the panels.

Multiple language configurations are supported by automated text translation and text export and text import functions. Up to 32 languages can be administered in one project.

Different interfacing options for SIMATIC S7, drivers for non- Siemens controllers and vendor-independent communication over OPC ensure correct connection for many different automation solutions.

Distributed I/O Periphery - SIMATIC ET 200

With SIMATIC ET 200 a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet directly at the machine, as well as for applications in hazardous areas.

The modular configuration allows the ET 200 systems to be configured or expanded in small steps. Ready-to-use, integrated add-on modules reduce the costs and offer a wide range of different application possibilities.

A wide variety of combinations is available: Digital and analogue inputs and outputs, intelligent modules with CPU functionality, safety systems, motor starters, pneumatic devices, frequency converters as well as various different technology modules (e.g. for counting, positioning).

Communication over PROFIBUS and PROFINET, uniform engineering, transparent diagnostic possibilities as well as optimal interfacing to SINUMERIK/ SIMOTION/ SIMATIC controllers and HMI units prove the unique integration of Totally Integrated Automation.

SIMATIC ET 200M – the multi-channel S7-300

The ET 200M distributed I/O system is modularly designed with IP20 degree of protection, particular suitable for complex automation tasks.

Up to 12 multi-channel signal modules (e.g. 64 digital inputs) and function modules as well as S7-300 communication processors can be used as I/O modules.

ET200M are approved for use in hazardous areas up to Zone 2, sensors and actuators up to Zone 1.

SIMATIC ET 200S –the all-rounder with a comprehensive range of functions

SIMATIC ET 200S is the multifunctional and bit-modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection that can be exactly tailored to the automation task.

Thanks to its rugged design, it can also be used under conditions of high mechanical stress and with minimal wiring outlay. Thanks to a wide range of modules the ET 200S system is multifunctional: motor starters, frequency converters, safety technology, distributed intelligence, IO-link modules and approvals for use in hazardous areas (Zone 2).

SIMATIC ET 200eco – digital block I/O with IP65/67 degree of protection

ET 200eco has a compact, rugged casing and is very easy to use. It can be connected to PROFIBUS DP at up to 12 Mbit/s with flexible connection options.

The electronic block can be easily replaced during operation without any interruption in bus communication or power supply. The cost-effective blocks are available in a variation of multi-channel standard and fail-safe modules with up to 16 channels.

SIMATIC ET 200pro – modular and multi-functional

SIMATIC ET 200pro is an especially small, extremely rugged and high-performance I/O system with IP65/66/67 degree of protection.

It does not require a control cabinet and can be directly mounted to the machine.

Its modular and time-saving structure allows flexible, customized, distributed automation solutions to be implemented with a wide range of modules – from simple inputs and outputs through safety systems, motor starters and frequency converters to the RF identification system.