Siemens CNC Controller - SINUMERIK 840D

By CNC Design Pty Ltd
  • Siemens CNC Controller - SINUMERIK 840D

The CNC system for demanding solutions -

It provides a system platform with trend-setting functions for almost all technologies. Thanks to the scalable hardware and software, SINUMERIK line opens up almost limitless application opportunities.

Whether for turning or milling applications, highly complex tasks and high-speed applications, in woodworking or handling systems – SINUMERIK is the perfect solution for the widest range of requirements in processing machines.

The SINUMERIK 840D offers you modularity, openness, flexibility and a uniform structure for operation, programming and visualization and an optimum integration into networks.

Integrated into the compact, modular SIMODRIVE 611 or SINAMICS drive system with a high power density and complemented by the SIMATIC S7-300 automation system, SINUMERIK 840D is a powerful complete system that is best suited for the mid to upper performance range. SINUMERIK are supplemented by our wide range of motors. Whether synchronous, asynchronous or direct drives, all motor types are optimally supported by the Siemens Drive Systems. Its essential features include the distributed, simplified system architecture and the expanded diagnostic capabilities down to the component level.

SINUMERIK 840D the powerful CNC system for demanding solutions is

  • Efficient in terms of programming, installation, commissioning and design
  • Innovative in terms of NC functions, communication, operation and openness
  • Compatible in terms of programming, operating philosophy, machine interfaces and motors

The SINUMERIK 840D is used worldwide for turning, drilling, milling, grinding, laser machining, nibbling, punching, in tool and mold making, for high-speed cutting applications, for wood and glass processing, for handling operations, in transfer lines, and rotary indexing machines as well as for mass production and shopfloor.

SINUMERIK 840D combines CNC, HMI, PLC, closed-loop control and communication tasks on one SINUMERIK NC unit (NCU).

For increased performance in the operating area (HMI), you can use the SINUMERIK PCU 50.3 industrial PC. You can operate up to 4 distributed Operator Panels (OPs) on one NCU/PCU at a distance of up to 100 m.

The operation components of the SINUMERIK platform allow integrated operation and innovative solutions, such as easy, rugged and ergonomic operation with the handheld control unit including teach-in function.

Flexible operating solutions such as parallel tool loading or multi-user operation can be easily implemented using the available components. The integrated, modern user interfaces provide a uniform look and feel for operating.

The flexible and easy capabilities for programming workpieces, such as practical set-up functions, the user-friendly tool management function, the 3D simulation or the graphical tool display ensure even more efficiency of the machine tool.

You can also quickly and efficiently program in DIN-ISO or with ShopMill/ ShopTurn, which allows a clearly laid out display of the machining steps in the form of an operation chart.

The cross-technology, multichannel operator interface software HMI Advanced offers user-friendly and complete operation of the machine tool using window technology.

The generation of parts programs is assisted by a text editor which provides easy-to-use, screen form-based support. The powerful contour calculator enables programming and graphic display of complex workpiece contours. Parts programs can be quickly checked using the integrated simulation.

ShopMill and ShopTurn are operating and programming software packages that simplify machine operation and the programming of workpieces. ShopMill for milling technology, applicable to vertical and universal milling machines, and ShopTurn for the turning technology.

With functions such as "safe brake control" or "safe standstill", the SINUMERIK CNC system platform and the Siemens drives ensure a high degree of safety for personnel and machines.

Other relevant safety functions are the secure communication via PROFIBUS between several F-CPUs or NCUs, the establishing of safe boundaries in work spaces and protected spaces by up to 30 safe software cams, and the connecting or logic combination of safety-related sensors and actuators.

Only those who know the practical requirements can develop tailor-made products and systems for different tasks. For this reason, we offer you innovative and industry-specific solutions for machine tools, special machines, handling devices right through to retrofitting.

You know better than anyone that each process, each production environment has its own rules.

SINUMERIK offers you all the conditions necessary for customizing your interface exactly to these rules – for example with the OPC open communication interface and the HMI programming and HMI configuration packages in the field of “open architecture”. Almost anything is possible, thanks to the open software architecture right down to the NC kernel.

Your data is permanently protected as well by means of encrypting OEM cycles, for example. The high degree of security by means of an integrated firewall in the NCU and PCU and the separation of system and plant networks ensure high safety standards in production.

With Siemens SINUMERIK and the SINAMICS drive system, CNC Design offers an energy-efficient solution with a high degree of efficiency, targeted energy management and power regeneration.

SINUMERIK 840D relies on tried and tested standards – such as PC technology, Windows and Linux, SIMATIC STEP 7, Ethernet, PROFINET/PROFIBUS and USB technology. This makes your systems highly future-proof.

The SINUMERIK 840Di sl is a completely PC-integrated numerical controller that works in conjunction with the SIMODRIVE 611U or SINAMICS S120 drive system.

The control which is open with regard to both hardware and software is particularly suited to customers who are looking for distributed automation solutions in the field of PLC I/O and drives and/or require a completely PC-integrated control.

One CNC system, many options – SINUMERIK follows this concept in its design, programming and operation.