MOVI-PLC Advanced Series of PLC/Motion Controllers

  • MOVI-PLC Advanced Series of PLC/Motion Controllers

SEW-EURODRIVE - Ethernet-enabled ‘MOVI-PLC advanced’ supports 64-axis control

Leading drives solution group, SEW-Eurodrive, has announced the arrival of the first in its new MOVI-PLC advanced series of PLC/motion controllers--the DHE41B. The MOVI-PLC advanced series builds on the popular MOVI-PLC basic, which combines both conventional sequential PLC control and motion control into a single compact platform.

The new DHE41B controller is the first of three MOVI-PLC advanced variants planned for release in Australia during the course of 2007. All three models will feature flexible connectivity, plus superior processing capacity that will support simultaneous control of up to 64 separate drive axes.

“The MOVI-PLC advanced series is an important new addition for Australian industry, as it meets the specific needs of most multi-axis applications,” said Darren Klonowski, SEW-Eurodrive Strategic Marketing and Product Manager. The new controller’s hardware platform boasts 400MHz processors, 8MB programming memory and 4MB data memory. “The controller’s ultra-fast processor is responsible for MOVI-PLCs ability to support complex drive system computations, such as on-line cam curve calculations and kinematic transformations,” Klonowski said. “As a result, it is the ideal drive control solution for high-speed machines and multi-axis drive applications.”

The MOVI-PLC advanced series supports a wide range of external communications--including Ethernet. This allows it to be incorporated into a broad array of system architectures, ranging from stand-alone controller supporting multiple connected drives, through to a slave controller working in response to a supervisory PLC.

The new DHE-41B variant provides two onboard Ethernet ports, two CANopen interfaces, two RS485 ports, USB interface and eight local I/O. The controller’s Ethernet connectivity permits fast-speed engineering of the MOVIPLC and connected drives, plus connectivity to supervisory PLCs, SCADA systems and SEW-Eurodrive’s DOP operator interface panel for local control and monitoring. Future MOVI-PLC advanced models will support other industrial fieldbus protocols, such as EtherCat, Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, ProfiNet and ModbusIP.

On board proprietary S-Bus communication protocol makes for straightforward and cost-efficient drive system interfacing. No add-on drive interfaces are required, as all SEW-Eurodrive drives come complete with onboard S-Bus capability. As a result, drive configuration is simple and straightforward. “With conventional ‘PLC-plus-drive’ technologies, accessing drive parameters can be difficult,” said Klonowski. “Using MOVI-PLC advanced in conjunction with SEW-Eurodrive’s complementary MOVITOOLS MotioStudio software, all drive and programming parameters are easily accessible to the user via one interface.”

The controller offers great ease of maintenance and system configuration, via its fully versatile memory system. Entire drive projects, including controller programs, drive parameters, variables and so on, can be stored on the integrated SD-card.

The MOVI-PLC range also supports SEW-Eurodrive’s DIN-rail mounted I/O system. Connected to one of the controller’s CANopen ports via a buscoupler, the modular concept supports a range of optically isolated digital and analogue I/O.

MOVI-PLC advanced program code can be developed in any one of five IEC-61131-3: sequential function chart, instruction list, ladder logic, function block diagram and structured text. This is carried out via SEW-Eurodrive’s powerful PLCEditor integrated into MOVITOOLS-MotionStudio software. PLC Editors’ libraries come complete with a wide selection of standard functions and pre-written and tested (PLCopen-compliant) motion blocks, specifically designed for immediate use with the SEW-Eurodrive frequency inverter family.