Career Guidance


Changing Career/Outplacement

Employment changes are a major source of stress. The social readjustment ratings scale (Holmes and Rahe) identifies amongst its major life stresses:

- Major change in working hours or conditions
- Change of employer
- Change to a different line of work
- Organisational restructure
- Major change in financial status
- Major changes in responsibilities at work
- Retrenchment will help make this transition as easy as possible.
We will assist you to find a new position or implement a career change by:

- Identifying your strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest*.
- Developing your resume to capitalise on your areas of expertise and increase
  your chances of attaining an appropriate position.
- Matching your areas of interest to available jobs.
- Helping to refine your interview technique.
- Assisting with stress management.

*This can include a personally-tailored test battery.

Out Placement
Outplacement is a service that increases the job prospects of retrenched staff and minimises disruption within the organisation. Our outplacement service is tailor-made to each situation and can include all of the above-mentioned services.

Psychological Profile

Our senior psychologist provides psychological profiling. Using standardised, reliable and valid tests, she can provide an accurate description of an individual’s aptitudes, interests, and personality characteristics. She has extensive experience in evaluation and training and is registered with the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria. She has been a member of the Australian Psychological Society for thirty years, an Affiliate of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the College of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists.