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Machine Retrofit

By CNC Design Pty Ltd
  • Machine Retrofit

Machine Retrofit brings new life to your machine -

Retrofits and modernization give your machines a new lease on life and extend the life cycle of machines and systems.

Individual components are replaced with modern and innovative technology, raising the machine to state-of-the-art with new control and drive technology, expanded functions and mechanical refurbishment.

Complete solutions for mechanical and electrical overhauls secure your long-term machine and plant investment.

Modernising your machine by Retrofit is an economical way to upgrade your plant. Retrofit is particularly important for medium to large machine of high value.

The mechanics of older machines may still be in good condition or may require re-conditioning. Often the control and electrical components just become obsolete or unreliable and need replacement.

Or it is vital that your machines conform to the latest safety regulations. CNC Design has the capacity to supply both electrical and mechanical aspects of your compact machines retrofit. A turnkey solution!

 The degree of modernisation and the technology used to update to the latest Siemens Motion Control products, determines the scope of the retrofit package. Each machine needs to be evaluated and we will prepare a detailed offer on a suitable retrofit solution.

You can choose from a variety of additional options and services such as training courses, service contracts and software functions.

With a Retrofit of your existing machine you will benefit from:

  • Improved availability
  • Increased levels of efficiency and productivity
  • Secure, long-term supply of spare parts
  • Improved operating and programming comfort
  • Faster machining cycles for complex parts
  • Reduced downtimes and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Reliable data management and increased storage capacity
  • Low-cost alternative to purchasing new equipment
  • Short down times by relaying on an experience provider
  • Quick availability of a new working machine

CNC Design has completed retrofit projects for hundreds of small, medium sized and large machines in Australia, New Zealand and the South East Asia region.

If you like we can also finance your machine or plant modernisation with leasing contracts offered by Siemens Finance.

Machine Tool – CNC Retrofit

Upgrading an NC machine to the latest CNC systems is the most common form of CNC retrofit. In this case we may supply a new Siemens SINUMERIK CNC system, servo drives, spindle drive and encoders.

If required we provide a new electrical cabinet and machine wiring.

Mechanical design for most modern CNC machine tools differs from conventional machines. CNC conversion may involve re-surfacing slide ways, fitting balls crews and lubrication systems.

This may also be a time when you want to add modern features including tool changer, part probing, pallet shuttle etc.

Large component manufacturing in heavy engineering industries such as shipbuilding, power generation, gear and gear box manufacture, mining, paper, steel making, truck, rail and defence requires massive and sometimes gigantic machine tools and special purpose machines.

Retrofitting these kinds of machines requires special expertise. CNC Design is well recognised as the leading company in this field and has well known expertise in CNC Retrofit within the region since 1984.

Proven specialised technology and knowhow has been developed by CNC Design for Roll Grinders, Wheel turning and re-profiling lathes, and Gear Grinding machines and we are a world leader in these fields.

  • Higher productivity with new CNC programming and interpolation functions
  • Increased accuracy and surface finish due to new digital servo drives and high speed cutting technology
  • User friendly conversational programming and simulation with graphical support.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance with modern fault monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Network-capability over Ethernet including remote diagnostic feature via internet
  • Customized solution for your application.
  • Tool Management software
  • Part probing and gauging
  • Long term local support for spare part, field service and service contract
  • Savings on foundations and tooling compared to a new machine.

Production Machines – Web based machines

In general, the lifetime of web based production machines (printing, paper converting, flexible packaging line, laminating-coating) easily exceed the 20-year mark.

All requirements have been met assuring that they will be able to run the intended production in multi shift operation for many years, even to the very limit s of their capacity.

To the certain degree, even the best technology will no longer satisfy increasing demands from the users. It is not only the markets for end products which change but also operational requirements i.e. high speed, flexible configuration, less waste or energy usage etc.

Most of older web based production machines are still equipped with DC drives or very old type of AC drives which have functioned reliably and properly for many years.

However they are based on analogue control technology with limitations on synchronization, diagnostic function and integration within other control system within factory. In addition, they may be obsolete and spare parts are very hard to find.

These can be the main reasons for considering drive retrofit with new technology AC or DC drives. CNC Design has completed drive upgrade projects in various type of web based production machines including printing, paper converting, packaging machines and many others.

CNC Design and his subsidiary Advance Engineering System Pty Ltd (AES), an engineering specialists dedicated to servicing the printing and converting industry offer service for a complete electrical and mechanical turnkey solutions for individual projects.

The extended services cover wide ranging expertise, such as rotogravure and flexographic printing, UV and air impingement drying, extrusion and adhesive lamination, printing registration systems, web turner bars and a range of in-line finishing systems, such as rotary die cutting, embossing, creasing, punching, sheeting and slitting.

Having designed and built high speed web fed machines, capable of non-stop production of flexible packaging and folding carton substrates, CNC Design and AES have unique technology relating to flying splice unwinding and rewinding systems and associated web tension control.

Our design engineers are equally skilled in custom designing enhancements and modifications to existing printing and converting machines, to meet new and challenging demands of production, as market trends dictate.