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Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loaders

By WesTrac Pty Ltd

Built for tough work, WesTrac offers a range of Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loaders that are built to the same high standards as the larger Caterpillar wheel Loaders. These machines deliver Cat reliability, durability and efficient operation, even in the toughest working conditions.

WesTrac offers the complete line of Caterpillar Wheel Loaders, including the world's largest 994F and our expert staff can help you choose the best wheel Loader for your application.

Starting with the 904B Compact Wheel Loader, the smallest of the range, at 52hp with a rated operating load of 1250kg this little beauty is compact in size but big on performance. The 914G is the largest of the Cat Compact Wheel Loader range, and at 95hp with a rated operating load of 5323kg, this machine packs allot of punch for its size.

The Compact Wheel Loader range has been designed for quick and easy maintenance. The tilt-up engine enclosure permits excellent access to routine maintenance points. All filters and service points are accessible from ground level and are easy to reach for S.O.S (Scheduled Oil Sampling) analysis.

A broad range of Cat Work Tools are available through WesTrac. These tools have been developed specifically for Compact Wheel Loaders and deliver exceptional versatility, performance and serviceability. The standard mechanical quick coupler and optional hydraulic quick coupler allow easy hook up and operation with a wide range of standard flow Cat Skid Steer Loader Work Tools.