Point of sale mount - Model 9189

By LcdMonitorArms

Our adjustable through-counter PoS (Point of Sale) mount features easy height adjustment, very robust and durable construction, smart appearance, internal cable management at an attractive price!

Model 9189-12 enables monitor height to be adjusted between 175mm and 305mm (7 inches to 12inches).

Model 9189-24 enables monitor height to be adjusted between 175mm and 610mm (7 inches to 24 inches).

This mount is designed to pass through a hole in the counter, allowing cables to exit below the counter. This keeps the cables out of view and out of harm's way. A slotted hole in the mount and sleeve housing is also provided to allow cable access above the counter if desired.

The monitor may be pivoted or turned to suit the user's needs, or locked in position if you don't wish to allow adjustment. Height is adjusted via a set screw in the mount.

A collar accessory (model 9191) is also available to mount a second monitor.

The 9189 range can also be modified to suit different height requirements - contact us for any custom requirements.