Rhino Non-Metallic Liqquidtight

By EC&M Electrical Pty Ltd

Copied but never equalled is the Rhino™ range of flexible conduits. Rhino is a non-metallic range of liquidtight conduit based on UL specifications, made from co-extruded PVC the conduit has a smooth bore, smooth jacket, is very strong and can not delaminate.

With sizes from 16 mm to 50 mm, the conduit is available in four grades, namely:

  • 171 Series Grey standard 60º C
  • 172 series Green oil resistant 80º C
  • 178 series Orange safety conduit 105º C
  • 180 series Black High UV Stability 80º C.

All conduits are flame retarded, UV stable and oil resistant. Multipart fittings of Hi Impact pvc in straight and 90˚ angle, with threads in NPT and ISO metric, the whole system is IP 67, and resistant to a wide spread of oils and chemicals. Rhino conduit is a specific trade mark item. Substitution can result in product failures and liability questions.