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PB - Series

By Apex Dynamics

In line Planetary Gearboxes

Special design for continuous(S1) or cyclic(S5) duty operation


  • Output torque

      T2N : 9 Nm - 215Nm

  • Ratios

      1-stage :  3/4/5/7/10
      2-stage :  15/16/20/25/30/35/40/50/70/100

  • Low backlash

      1-stage : ≤8 arcmin
      2-stage : ≤10 arcmin

  • high efficiency

      1-stage : ≧ 97%
      2-stage : ≧ 94%

  • Easy mount
  • Low Noise
  • Compact structure

All sizes available:
PB060 / PB090 / PB115 / PB142

One piece planet carrier and Planet Gearing is supported on both sides
provide maximum radial load capacity and increase system reliability and

Equipped with solid uncaged needle roller
bearing, provides maximum contact point to increase stiffness and
transmit high output torque. Our in-house plasma nitriding heat
treatment process maintains the surface hardness at 900Hv for superior
wear-resistance and a core hardness at 30 HRc for toughness    

high setting gear performance is achieved by using our HeliTopo
technology. This eases off the tooth and crowns the lead of each tooth.
This optimize the gear mesh alignment and overlap to achieve maximum
tooth surface contact