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By EC&M Electrical Pty Ltd

The EVCCO™ HFT range is a high grade polymer electrical and safety conduit, which combines low smoke, halogen-free flame-retardant properties into a flexible conduit that’s easier to install than metal conduits. Environmentally-friendly, these Australian-made conduits contain no safety hazards that can leach into the soil or be released into the atmosphere by fire. The range is available in three product variants:

  • Enviro HFT a low smoke halogen-free (LSOH) which conforms to UL94HB
  • STD HFT flame-retardant low smoke halogenfree conduits that conform to UL94VO standard
  • HiPo HFT (high performance) flame-retardant low smoke halogen-free product that conforms to UL94VO standard; formulated for long-term UV-resistance for applications that require this feature

EVCCO HFT conduits have been tested to AS 2053:2001. They are used to carry electrical cabling in both surface and sub-surface applications. They are ideal for use within safety equipment such as aspiration systems and air sampling systems for protection against smoke and toxicity. These conduits produce no corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of fire. They are ideal for use where there is a high concentration of people, assets or the risk of high costs due to production interruption. These include mines, tunnels, airports, advanced technology industrial plants, lifts, refineries, aircraft, trains and telecom installations. They are also ideal for use in schools, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and other commercial buildings.