CPS Polyamide Conduit

By EC&M Electrical Pty Ltd

Polyamide conduit halogen-free, LFH, the CPS system is the most comprehensive conduit system available. Sizes from 7 mm to 100 mm black, grey, robotic. Used in tunnels, robotic automation, bus, train, truck and lift wiring. CPS is safe and clean, economical to use, and has a high spec, high quality finish.

The conduit is available in many varieties, including the following more common types:

  • PAH series standard Black 105˚ C
  • POH series heavy Black 105˚ C

Oil and acid-resistant, flame-retardant, halogen-free, LFH: the fitting range includes straight, 90º, 45º angles, and flanges.

With threads in ISO metric, PG metric, NPT, PF and UNEF.