CPS Cable Chain

By EC&M Electrical Pty Ltd

CPS cable chain is the most innovative chain available in the market today. Continuously undergoing design and upgrade, CPS can handle all cable carrying requirements. The types are as follows, with a large range of sizes and radii available:

  • SB-CR Clean room chain, low dust, low noise
  • CPS 15-33 mini type
  • CPS 36-50 medium type
  • CPS 68-95 system type
  • CPS 36s-120s sliding system type
  • CPS 36e-50e enclosed type
  • CP 090c-108e circular type
  • CP 150A/R-150S heavy type

The CPS cable chain system meets the highest standards, with the new SABIN “E” type meeting the highest clean room requirements, low noise 30db, low mote class2 / ISO class 4, semi-conductor dust regulation class 10. High Speed capability to 15m/sec is available.