Coding and Marking: Small Character Inkjet 43s

By Tronics Pty Ltd

Videojet's range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) products can satisfy your high-speed product coding needs. For code heights from 0.032 inches to 0.48 inches (0.8 mm to 12 mm) and up to 4 lines of print.

The Videojet® 43s printer is an industrial ink jet printer for users seeking an affordable printer that requires minimal attention by operators and maintenance staff. The stainless steel cabinet, self-cleaning printhead and simple interface let you focus on your products - confident that your Videojet 43s is providing high quality printing.

  • Rugged stainless steel cabinet rated to IP53
  • Automatic printhead cleaning at start up and shut down
  • Internal pump -- no need for factory air
  • Easy to use interface allows simple message creation and editing
  • Prints up to 3 lines of text, bar codes and logos at speeds up to 800 fpm (4 m/sec)