Coding and Marking: Laser Coders Alltec YAG


Videojet FocusĀ® CO2 Lasers

The Videojet laser coding systems deliver affordable, steered-beam laser coding to a wide variety of applications. They feature small footprints, high speed printing, and rugged reliability in a wide variety of production environments.

Alltec Lasers

ALLTEC has the widest program of all laser marker manufacturers and can offer the optimal solution for laser marking applications of any kind.

ALLPRINT DN/LN A-series systems mark and engrave most different products such as electronic housings, computer keyboards, identification and credit cards, type plates, ceramic hip-joint implants, calipers, water taps, car radio panels, fuel inject nozzles, ball bearings, gear parts, engine blocks, stamps, injection moulds.

  • extreme marking speeds:
    up to 30,000 mm/s resp. 1,300 characters/s
  • marking also of very fast moving products: up to 15 m/s
  • high laser power and excelllent laser beam quality
  • laser beam properties adjustable to the application
  • Smart Graph Windows-based user interface:
    intuitive and functional generation of marking jobs