Coding and Marking Laser Systems: Linx 500SL

By Raymax Lasers

The Coding and Marking application category includes Laser Systems used for identification and marking of various products made from many different substrates. Coding and Marking Lasers are utilised in many industries including the Wine, Beverage, Food Products, FMCG and Pharmaceutical.

The Raymax Lasers range of Laser Systems for Coding and Marking onto Glass, Plastic and Carton Packaging Materials.

The Linx 500SL has a peak output of 100W and is therefore ideal for very high speed lines such as in label coding applications in the bottling industry, where it produces consistently high quality, permanent results. The Linx 500SL is equally at home coding hard to mark materials such as glass, rubber and plastics, in both cases producing superior indelible codes that enhance brand values with their outstanding quality.

This robust steered beam laser has an IP65 rating for reliable coding in wet and/or dusty production environments, such as beverage or food.

The Linx 500SL gives you exceptional flexibility, leaving room for future coding or line speed enhancements. With its single mobile unit, flexible arm and small printhead the Linx 500SL is easily integrated into tight spaces on the production line. It can also be simply moved between production lines thus increasing your flexibility and cost efficiencies further.

Additional flexibility is made possible by the large mark field which enables a large amount of information such as text and graphics to be coded – this makes it particularly suited to pharmaceutical applications where more variable information may be applied.

Scribing lasers (also known as steered-beam lasers) use 2 galvanometer-driven mirrors to move the laser beam over the surface of the product, rather like a pen. This process produces superb print quality and graphics.

• Maximum number of characters per second = 2000
• Maximum line speed of 740m/min
• Single long life laser tube for long term low cost of ownership
• 100 lines of alphanumeric text, graphics and barcodes
• Choice of 24 character formats
• Automated date and traceability coding capability
• 500 message store
• Large mark field option produces character heights from 1mm to 120mm
• CO2 scribing laser coder
• 50W average power (100W peak power) suitable for high speed coding applications and for coding on hard to mark materials
• IP65 environmental rating for coding in demanding environments