Coding and Marking Laser Systems: ALLPRINT DN/LN A-series

By Raymax Lasers

Laser stroke marking with unsurpassed flexibility and marking quality

ALLTEC`s ALLPRINT series include stroke markers with sealed CO2 laser as well as diode- and lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser.

diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser markers
The systems combine the advantages of diode-pumped, Nd:YAG laser technology with stroke marking techniques. The result is laser marking with an unprecedented combination of quality, flexibility, reliability, and economy.
lamp-pumped, high-power Nd:YAG laser markers
The lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser technology is well approved in thousands of production lines. ALLPRINT LN A-series convinces by reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness and economy.

Features of ALLPRINT DN/LN A-series

Throughput and flexibility

extreme marking speeds:
up to 30,000 mm/s resp. 1,300 characters/s
marking also of very fast moving products: up to 15 m/s
high laser power and excelllent laser beam quality:
extreme intensities at the product and
consequently broad application spectrum
laser power reserves also for future applications
laser beam properties adjustable to the application:
from fundamental mode for highest resolution to
HQ multimode for metal engraving


fully programmable: marking information plus
process parameters
Smart Graph Windows-based user interface:
intuitive and functional generation of marking jobs
no font, code or graphics restrictions
import filters for all common data formats
Touch Screen: operation in the line
at the touch of a button
user hierarchy: user-dependent interface,
password protected to prevent unauthorized access
resp. operation


strictly modular setup optimized for longevity,
hassle-free operation, economy
laser unit stabilized against mechanical stress
such as vibrations
sealing of housings: safe longterm operation also
in critical environments
cutting-edge controller technology: real-time
operating system, digital signal processors for fast and
safe data processing and exchange, internal CAN bus,
Ethernet communication between PC and marking system
interface concept prepared also for communication
in future production lines


minimized energy consumption, reduced operating costs
maintenance of ALLPRINT DN A-series
virtually maintenance-free over thousands of hours
high lifetime of laser diodes
simple and quick pump chamber exchange
directly in the line
maintenance of ALLPRINT LN A-series:
minimal among others due to high lifetime of laser lamps
simple and quick lamp exchange
by the operator
worldwide service network with fair
ALLTEC service rates and spare part prices.

ALLPRINT DN/ LN A-series systems mark and engrave most different products such as electr(on)ic housings, computer keyboards, identification and credit cards, type plates, ceramic hip-joint implants, calipers, water taps, car radio panels, fuel inject nozzles, ball bearings, gear parts, engine blocks, stamps, clichés, injection moulds.

ALLPRINT DN/LN A- series systems mark contact-free, clean and dry. The marks are of high quality, permanent, chemical and (UV) light resistant, abrasion-proof, and falsification-safe. They meet the highest demands also for the most demanding industries.