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At Colchester-Harrison we have a history of total commitment to technical innovation, quality andcustomer support that has lasted for well over 100 years. Our technical design team, with the help of our customers, have designed this superb range of all British made Tornado CNC Turning Centres to help make you more competitive, instantly.

These superbly designed machines are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to perform turning, milling, back turning or multiple operations to produce accurate one offs, short batches or high repetition turned parts at lower prices.
Turning and Mill-Turning
Tornado CNC Turning Centres provide greater consistency and accuracy because they are built using Colchester-Harrison’s unique “Duo-Stable” advanced machine tool construction which provides thermal and dynamic stability up to 300% greater than cast iron. Components produced on a “Duo-Stable” machine are typically more accurate, have better surface finish and less tendency to
thermal drift. For 3 axis turning the T6M, T8M and T10M CNC Turning Centres are perfect as they have full C axis, spindle disc brake and driven tooling to make radial and axial milling, drilling, boring and tapping easier than ever
Sub Spindle Turning
5 Axis single hit machining on the T6MS and T8MS allows powerful productivity gains by completing both sides of components in a “single hit”. Automatic transfer of the workpiece from the main spindle to the sub spindle allows turning, milling and drilling to continue on the second side of the component. (Sub spindle machines are also available without driven tools, T6S and T8S).
Y Axis Machining
The Tornado Y axis option (T8MY and MSY only) allows you to take full advantage of the machines milling capability by providing “off centre line” (40mm maximum) milling for the accurate machining of keyways, flat and contoured surfaces
Our renowned and proven productivity package provides you with the true 24/7 unmanned automation you need to increase your productivity, instantly
The world’s first and most advanced all electric and fully integrated barfeeder, features work scheduling, tool management, automatic bar scheduling and component quantity calculation.
A wide range of barfeeders, robots and load/unload mechanisms can be integrated with your Tornado as well as special workholding applications
The Tornado T Series
You are being asked to make ever shorter runs of more complex and more accurate turned parts, but at the same time reduce your prices. Does this sound familiar? You need a Turning Centre that will give you capability, productivity and accuracy, but above all consistency of the finished product.
Here is your solution.
The new, restyled Colchester-Harrison Tornado T Series are the most stable and consistent machines in their class, all with new guarding for improved ergonomics and maintainability with the latest Fanuc Manual Guide i as standard, which gives you a wide range of configurations for even the most complex of parts.
Tornado users around the world are achieving higher accuracy and greater process stability as a result of Colchester-Harrison’s unique "Duo-Stable" construction. This method features a massive cast iron bed casting mounted on a substantial fabrication filled with specially developed polymer concrete. The result is a reduction in the thermal mass of the lathe and the creation of a built in foundation to isolate both the mechanical and thermal effects from the cutting process. The complete assembly has been developed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) techniques to provide maximum stiffness even under the heaviest cutting conditions.
Whatever your production needs, you will find a Tornado to suit every application. Every Tornado has Fanuc’s highly capable Manual Guide i control for quick set up times and efficient short runs. For longer runs, bar feeder and auto loader versions are available, and both B-axis and Y-axis milling can be specified for more complex geometries. The powerful second spindles makes “single-hit” machining a reality, while the “Duo-Stable” construction means that the Tornado is ideally suited for hard turning applications.
If you want to achieve minimum manning, Colchester-Harrison’s “lights-out” could be right for you. Today, over 60% of all Tornado lathes are being fitted with either a full or partial “lights-out” productivity package.

The Tornado T Series is the most advanced and capable range of modern turning centres that money can buy

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