Citizen A20 Swiss Type CNC Lathe

By John Hart Pty Ltd

Improved Productivity

The approach to improving productivity (that was adopted to customer acclaim with the Cincom K16 and L20) is fully utilized in the A20. By installing the latest NC unit and adopting Citizen’s unique control technique “Streamline Control” we have managed to slash idle time and reduce cycle time. This is a new generation of CNC automatic lathe that, while giving you unrivalled cost performance, also gives a real sense of true productivity improvements.

    * Installation of the Latest NC Unit
    * Streamline Control
          o Direct C-axis Indexing
          o Axis Feed Motion Overlap Function

High-Rigidity Technology

    * Heavy-Duty Bed for More Rigidity
    * Rigid Sleeve Holders
    * Rigid Construction Around the Spindle
    * Roller Guides Now Used on all Sliding Axes

Technology to Cope with Thermal Expansion

    * Left/Right Symmetrical Bed
    * Coolant Tank Restricts Heat Emissions

Maintenance Performance

    * Air Sealing
    * Centralized Lubrication Unit Installed as Standard

Convenient Operation Assured

    * Control Panel Layout
    * PC Card Slot
    * Product Separator
    * Product Receiver Box
    * Large Capacity Coolant Tank
    * Coolant Nozzles
    * Chip Compartment
    * CS Quick Wedge
    * In-machine Lighting