Spitwater High Temperature High Pressure Water Cleaners

By Spitwater
  • Spitwater High Temperature High Pressure Water Cleaners

Spitwater High Temperature Pressure Cleaners are a new range of cleaners designed to accept hot water from an industrial or a commercial hot water system. They offer the benefits of hot water cleaning at a lower cost and without having to run Diesel burners. They are ideal in the food production industry. 

Three models available:

  • HT1111 - Pressure 110 Bar (1650psi) and flow 11 L/min, 240 V single-phase
  • HT1618 - Pressure 160 Bar (2400psi) and flow 18 L/min, 415 V three-phase
  • HT1623 - Pressure 160 Bar (2400psi) and flow 23 L/min, 415 V three-phase 

Optional wall-mount models, with galvanised chassis and stainless steel cover are available!  

  • Accept hot water up to 85 degrees C from commercial or industrial hot water systems
  • Three-piston brass head pump with ceramic pistons
  • Splash proof electric motor with thermal protection switch
  • Inlet filter with high water temperature shut-down
  • Delayed Total Stop protection
  • All steel construction - Zinc-annealed and powder-coated frame and cover
  • Two solid wheels (optional wall mounted model available
  • 5-Litre detergent bottle with adjustable chem-jet detergent metering control
  • 10m high pressure hose with stainless steel gun and front part lance 

Spitwater high temperature pressure cleaners are an ideal solution for all the cleaning tasks where hot water cleaning is essential but Diesel fumes are an issue. Typical applications include butchers, wineries, poultry production and more...