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Niagara - Water Wash Spray Booth

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Niagara - Water Wash Spray Booth

The Niagara Water Wash Spray Booth System remains the complete solution to overspray filtration. The filter system consists of a full height water curtain which continually captures the airborne particles and sends them through 2nd-Stage Water Turbulence. All components and workarea are constructed from strong, durable materials resulting in a long-lasting, modular and low maintenance piece of equipment. Because of the versailitiy of this design these booths have been used for Spray Painting. Powdercoating, Stone and Metal Grinding to name a few. Discuss your application with us on 1300 76 3321 today!

Double Water Curtain
The Niagara design has improved conditions for the operator wiith the addition of a second extraction slot within the operator breathing zone. This new slot provides a more even flor through the booth in the areas that is most needed.

Reduced Maintenance
The Niagara Water Wash Booth is a pump-less system without filters, screens and nozzles. Access for cleaning is from the front of the booth via removial of the water walls and the eliminator doors. No tools are required and in most cases the operation can be performed by one person.

Better Water Washing
The first point of filtration occurs at the full width suction slots in the waterfall - one (1) in the operators breathing zone and one (1) at the water line. The second point of filtration occurs in the entrainment (or water washing) ducts. These ducts located behind the water wall, are specially designed to remove airbourne particles from the airstream. The third stage of filtration takes place within the booths header chamber where the last of the water is removed from the exhausting airstream.

Longer Working Life
The Niagara Water Wash Spray Booth is constructed entirely from minimum 1.0mm thick galvanised sheet-metal. This inhibits the spread of corrision, makes sturdy construction, and this reduces any downtime due to maintenance.

Ease of Installation
The booth, subject to your individual requirements, can be supplied as a completed unit requiring only the fitting of the fan, flue, sheetmetal work area and connection to the power and water supply.

Instruction & Maintenance Manuel
Every Spray Booth is supplised with a comprehensive instruction and maintenance manual including a service with all replacement parts.